9th Mile , Bayside (NS) weather station

Bayside, Nova Scotia


These weather details are captured using a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station mounted on our dock in Shad Bay. It has been in operation since Jul/09 and has been gathering all of the weather details. There has been one outage during huricane Earl (Sept 4-6/10) when power was lost and someone (me) disconnected the logger when trying to get items restored and it took two days to find the issue. A solar radiation detector was added in Sep/10.

Select the tabs above to see current conditions, reports and an archive of the details.





Data presently being uploaded to several web sites that provides an overall picture. Updates are generally every 5 minutes.

A set of links to local forecasts from various providers. Tides, radar, storm tracking is available here

Web Cams:
A web cam looking out at the weather station. When it is up it is live data (explorer may have issues with the camera, use firefox instead)
Several other web cams for the region are also provided.

Ships 'Automated Identification System' is a tracking system which all ships must now use. It allows their position to be ploted. This is a map provided by 'Marine Traffic' for Halifax Harour.

Different monthly/daily reports that are generated by the station.

An archive of the data gathered, with a calendar to select the day/month to display. Current months details are not available, but all details are going back to Jul/09. A program was written to determine what the day was like and an icon is displayed showing the weather for that day. If a picture was taken and was relavent to the weather it is added for that calendar day. A link may also be available for additional pictures.

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